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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saints receiver Marques Colston has one message for any injury that attempts to bring him down

Posted 29th September 2011
WWLTV.com Sports - METAIRIE, La. – Saints receiver Marques Colston has one message for any injury that attempts to bring him down – don’t mess with him.
Using mind of matter and a bit of new-age technology, New Orleans’ big-bodied receiver said injuries alone can’t bring him down.
“I don’t let my body heal; I heal my body,” Colston said Thursday. “It’s kind of an aggressive approach I take and it has worked well for me over the years.”
But in spite of having what he termed a “high pain threshold,” Colston said his secret to fast-healing – he’ll return two weeks early from a broken collarbone that was supposed to keep him out four weeks – is a hyperbaric chamber that he sleeps in at night.
“Especially times like now when I’m injured, I’ll sleep in it three or four nights a week,” Colston said.
Colston bought the inflatable chamber in his second season after his chiropractor suggested he try his out. The receiver liked the way he felt and bought his own, which he keeps in the second-floor hallway of his house.
A hyperbaric chamber provides a high-oxygen environment that helps the body recover from a variety of maladies, including deep sea diving.
Colston doesn’t generally bring it on the road with him, but he said he took it to Super Bowl XLIV in Miami.
He broke his right clavicle in New Orleans’ season-opening loss to Green Bay on Sept. 8. A day later, he had surgery, which included putting a titanium plate on his collarbone with six screws, to help speed up the healing of the break.
Saints coach Sean Payton said Colston is being worked into Sunday’s game plan, when the Saints (2-1) play at Jacksonville (1-2). He won’t give the receiver a full game’s worth of work, however.
Colston understands.
“I feel like I could play the whole game but it’s just smart as well as the other guys have been playing to just work my way in and really spell those guys when they need it and get back into the groove when I get in,” Colston said.

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