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Sunday, January 22, 2012

avid Knight, the World Enduro Champion

Posted 25th May 2011

3FM - A local sporting star is praising the work of the Island's Hyperbaric Chamber.
David Knight, the World Enduro Champion, has recently had hip surgery forcing his season to
a halt.
He was still in with a chance of winning the World Championships and was leading both
British Championship series when he needed to take time out due to injury.
The 32 year old from Ballaugh is on crutches after his op and has been using the facility daily to ensure a speedy recovery.
He told 3FM; 'The oxygen therapy facility undoubtedly speeds up my recovery, we're lucky to have it here. It's always helped me, from an athletes point of view it's brilliant to be able to come to Douglas. I don't know what I would do without it.' (audio above)
The Hyperbaric Chamber, which costs around £200,000 a year to run, relies mostly on donations to help between 35 and 40 people a day.
The registered nurse Clare Duchars told 3FM they treat a huge variety of injuries that they can help relieve pain and get people back in to the work place as quickly as possible.

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