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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Compressed Oxygen improves Motocross performance


Moto cross competitor Chris Place has taken his 'expert' rider status to the next level and with help from fellow racer Jack Edwards discovered a way of naturally improving performance and solving the overwhelming 'race start' fume problems that occur at all events, but which are especially problematic for beach race riders.

The idea of using canned oxygen was trialled by Jack and Chris at the Weston Supermare and Le Touquet beach races last year, which have over 1,000 competitors revving high powered bikes within a relatively small space. Both riders, who competed in the top 50 for most of the race, will be using OXYfit's small canister and mask set again at Le Touquet this month.

Chris Place who rides a KTM EXC 250 says:

Motocross'The fumes at the start of the races last year were completely overpowering and so we started looking for a solution to what we feel is a cumbersome part the competition that no one benefits from. The OXYfit canisters and mask, which are widely used to improve sports and fitness training, were just right. The small mask and canister were ideal for taking oxygen quickly just before the race started because they're very lightweight and simple to use. The results were great. We felt really energized and clear headed and instead of worrying about fumes we were able to focus entirely on the race itself.'

Jack Edwards races a Honda CRF 250 and agrees:

Motocross on Weston Beach'The oxygen has made all the difference to my performance and we're hoping that other riders will start enjoying the benefits too for all types of off road and Motocross events. Feeling revitalized and overcoming this intake of fumes makes the whole experience healthier and more enjoyable. I can concentrate on the bike rather than worrying about my breathing.'

Stuart Place is former Chairman of the Norfolk and Suffolk Junior Motorcycle Club, a member of the ACU (Auto Cycle Union) and a trained Clark of the Course who regularly oversees Motocross events. He proactively supports the general health and fitness benefits of OXYfit's medically-pure canned oxygen and says:

Motocross'Motocross is one of most physically demanding sports in the world. It's like rugby on bikes and competitors need to be extremely fit and healthy to succeed. I fully endorse a programme using something natural like oxygen which benefits peak fitness prior to a race. We've seen a real difference in general energy and breathing levels from using the OXYfit canned oxygen, especially at the beach races where there are a phenomenal amount of bikes giving off fumes in a small area. I can see this being a performance booster that will take off in the sport generally and I know Chris and Jack will be using it in 2009.'

Both Chris and Jack have been competing in Moto Cross racing for nine years. Chris has achieved expert status after gaining points in Eastern Centre club riding. Jack also rides at Eastern Centre club level and last year won the most improved rider award in the Norwich and District club.

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